Frequently Asked Questions

What does Multilingual Careers do for me?

We find and share every multilingual job we come across.
Think of us as a search engine for Multilingual jobs with the added functions of a specialized job board.

Why should I want to create an account?

Increase your chance to get hired with extra features like:
- Customize your job search
- Apply to jobs directly at employers.
- Auto matching jobs to your profile
- Employers can find your CV (If you want so.)
- Apply to employers with full CV and details.

How do I apply?

First of all, do not apply directly to us! Below each job advertisement you will find a button that:
- Applies via our tool directly to an employer or recruiter ( you need to be logged in )
- Redirects to the advertisement at an external website and go from there.

What does this service cost me?

All our basic services are free for all.

What are the different sources in the search results?

- Employer: Jobs posted by the HR department of a company themselves.
- Recruiter: Jobs from an agency who qualifies if there is a match between the job and you.
- Partner site: Search results showing jobs from another website on ours.

Is your site available in different languages?

Yes, step by step we will be extending to all local domains for those local languages. For example is live in the Dutch language.

How social are you?

We are social in two ways :-)

1) We have started a LinkedIn group where managers of international companies and multilingual jobseekers can connect with each other directly. Via our twitter account we share the hottest jobs with you, and you will find us on Facebook too, posting all kinds of (ir)relevant information for your multilingual career.

2) At the end of the year we always donate money to small local charity project. You decide which one via our Facebook poll.

For every like we get on our Facebook page we donate 1 euro to this cause.

We love your feedback!

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