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English jobs in Spain 
We share the most complete overview of English jobs in Spain. For other multilingual jobs in Spain (or abroad) and more jobs with foreign languages check out the jobsearch function above.

Finding English jobs in Spain 
Finding English jobs in Spain can be hard. The unemployment rate in Spain is higher than most European countries and you need to speak Spanish as well. Fortunately the amount of local people speaking English in Spain is still relatively small, so most available English jobs in Spain will be filled by international applicants. Temporary English jobs in Spain can be found in the tourism sector at the coasts, where most English tourists go to enjoy their holidays. However the best chances for a multilingual career lays in the bigger cities in Spain like Barcelona, Valencia, Seville or Alicante. 

Working in Spain 
The cost of living in Spain is much lower than the rest of Europe, especially outside the big cities like Barcelona and Madrid. Therefore the salaries for jobs in Spain are also lower than you might expect from previous English jobs. On the other side the working hours and holidays of most jobs in Spain are very generous. 

Apply to a job in Spain 
Applying to English jobs in Spain with an introduction letter and references is a must. A lot of jobs are found via people who already have jobs in Spain, so check our Linkedin group and get in contact with locals. Once you applied, make sure you call the person yourself after a week if you had no reply. About Multilingual Careers Our goal is to share ALL English jobs in Spain and foreign language jobs abroad. With thousands of jobs in Spain for English and foreign language speakers you can find the latest English speaking jobs in Spain from international employers and language recruiters. We are specialized in international job listings, collecting THOUSANDS of multilingual jobs to share it with you on

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