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English jobs in Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City not only is one of the most important banking and administrative centers in the world, but has a lot more to offer when it comes to work and living. If you think about finding an English spoken job or starting an international career, why not try Luxembourg? On Multilingual Careers you can find just the multilingual vacancy you’re looking for.    

To live and work in Luxembourg City
The standard of living in Luxembourg is very high as it has one of the highest GDP per head in the world and it is one of the safest cities to live and work in. It offers the attractive mix of a lively, international capital and the peaceful atmosphere of a quiet town, situated in the beautiful Ardennes. You’re sure to find both the excitement and the rest you need while working in Luxembourg. 

Finding an English job in Luxembourg
It is not necessary to speak French or German in Luxembourg, but it could be to your advantage to know the basics, even when looking for an English job in Luxembourg. In general, speaking the English language fluently is enough. Being bilingual and fluent in both languages, you should be able to easily find a multilingual job in Luxembourg. 

Multilingual Careers in Luxembourg
You’ll find all these types of international jobs on Multilingual Careers; we have a complete overview of available jobs in Luxembourg. Of course we keep our job board up to date on a daily basis.

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