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English jobs in Luxembourg
We share the most complete overview  of English jobs in Luxembourg. For other multilingual jobs in Luxembourg  (or abroad) and more jobs with foreign languages check out the rest of our site.  

Finding a job as English speaker
Luxembourg is very internationally orientated with a lot of English jobs. The capital is Luxembourg-City  Facilitating massive banking and finance sector and aiming to be the technology hub of Europe with headquarters of companies like Zynga, Skype, Amazon and iTunes Luxembourg is an excellent place for English speakers to find jobs. It is hardly necessary to speak the local Luxembourg language, English is enough. Also with the Ardennes region Luxembourg offers a lot of English spoken outdoor jobs as well around the small cities. 

Apply for an English job in Luxembourg
The main foreign languages spoken in Luxembourg are next to English, also French and German. So finding English jobs in Luxembourg should be easy if you have the right skills. International finance and ICT offer the chances for English speakers looking for jobs in Luxembourg.  Luxembourg people are very open-minded towards internationals, almost 40% comes from abroad. The best way to find English jobs in Luxembourg is to ask your current employer if they have international employment opportunities. If you are looking for new jobs in Luxembourg the best way is to apply to a current vacancy using this website.

About Multilingual Careers
Our goal is to share ALL English jobs in Luxembourg and foreign language jobs abroad.  With thousands of jobs in Luxembourg  for English and foreign language speakers you can find  the latest English speaking jobs in Luxembourg from international employers and language recruiters. We are specialized in international job listings, collecting THOUSANDS of multilingual jobs to share it with you on

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