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English jobs in Italy
We share the most complete overview  of English jobs in Italy. For other multilingual jobs in Italy  (or abroad) and more jobs with foreign languages check out the rest of our site.  

How to find a job in Italy as English speaker?
Finding English jobs in Italy can be hard. The unemployment rate in Italy is higher than other European countries, but the amount of local people speaking English is still relatively small. The northern part of Italy however has the most vacancies. Best chances to find English jobs in Italy are in the big cities like Rome  Milan, Naples, Florence and Turin. Temporary English jobs in Italy can be found in the tourism sector, also in the southern part of Italy.  
French and English are in demand as foreign languages and present the best opportunities for those looking for jobs.  

Apply for a job in Italy
Keep in mind companies in Italy can be very bureaucratic and hierarchical, as you will notice this when applying for English jobs in Italy. Your application usually goes to the director who decides on everything. Applying to English jobs with an introduction letter and references is a must. It helps if you already found English jobs in Italy before subscribing yourself  to stay, otherwise this will takes months.   When you have relevant diploma’s the best is to have them officially translated by your Embassy and submitted to the Italian minister who then gives you the right to apply for jobs in Italy.

About Multilingual Careers
Our goal is to share ALL English jobs in Italy and foreign language jobs abroad. With thousands of jobs in Italy  for English and foreign language speakers you can find  the latest English speaking jobs in Italy from international employers and language recruiters. We are specialized in international job listings, collecting THOUSANDS of multilingual jobs to share it with you on

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