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English jobs in Germany
We share the most complete overview  of English jobs in Germany. For other multilingual jobs in Germany  (or abroad) and more jobs with foreign languages check out the rest of our site.  

Where to find German jobs as an English speaker?
The most English jobs in Germany can be found in the bigger cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt. Best sectors to find a job in Finance, Technical and ICT, especially English spoken jobs. You can easily find multilingual vacancies in Germany using our ´search job´ function.  Finding English jobs in Germany is easy if you also speak German.

For English speakers it can be more difficult finding jobs. But if you have the right experience, and very important, the right diploma´s you may find nice English  jobs at one of the many international employers in Germany. The Germans tend to be formal and appreciate a strict procedure that can take longer than expected.  

In Germany also online job listings give the best results in finding an English job in Germany. Although employers in Germany usually do their own recruitment and do not depend on external agencies, for the international employers offering English jobs in Germany there will be exceptions. It is important to address the right person in the organization. If you apply via Multilingual Careers this is taken care of. 

About Multilingual Careers
Our goal is to share ALL English jobs in Germany and foreign language jobs abroad.  With thousands of jobs in Germany  for English and foreign language speakers you can find  the latest English jobs in Germany from international employers and language recruiters. We are specialized in international job listings, collecting THOUSANDS of multilingual jobs to share it with you on

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