Job Description:

For our client, a modern Dutch ship-owning company of sophisticated stainless steel chemical tankers and small LPG tankers, we are looking for a TECHNICAL SUPERINTENDENT

The Technical Superintendent shall report to the Head of Technical Department or to the Managing Director in case the Head of Technical Department is not available.
The Technical Superintendent is responsible for the group of assigned vessels, ensuring that:
- the ships and their equipment are maintained in the best efficient manner;
- the planned maintenance system on board is continuously implemented, updated, including files ashore, and monitored , with special regards to the performances, maintenances and failures to the identified critical equipment.
- With the support of the Head of Technical Department , any significant failure is properly investigated and corrective/preventive actions are taken, with special regard to those involving already identified critical equipment (i.e. black out, loss of governing, pollution, etc. )
- the ships can satisfy all applicable classification, flag and international requirements, in cooperation with the MS&Q Department;
- statutory and service certificates are endorsed or renewed prior to their due date. When applicable and feasible within the three months prior the expiring date;
- necessary support is given to the MS&Q Department in the verification that information stated on statutory certificates are accurate;
- condition of class and class recommendations are monitored and closed out prior their due date;
- verify and approve vessel’s requisitions and that, in cooperation with the Purchasing department, the required spare parts, stores, lubricants and refrigerants are supplied to the ships within due time;
- by periodical verification, the spare parts inventories on board are maintained up-to-date, with special regards to the availability of the identified critical components,
- technical inspections are conducted as far as possible at sea and as per SMS Procedures;
- follow-up actions concerning to those deficiencies found on board ships are effectively taken;
- drydock specifications for the assigned vessels are always maintained up-to-dated ;
- planned drydock are managed properly and in due time, by selecting suitable repair yard , estimating repair costs and time, in cooperation with the Head of Technical Department
- periodically verifying the status of budget
- ships’ performance indicators are monitored, maintained and analyzed as the case may be;
- adequate support is given to shipboard personnel during class surveys, flag state and port state inspections;
- full cooperation is given to the MS&Q Department in order the vessel is always maintained suitable for Oil Companies (Vetting) inspections and for correcting any identified deficiency
- SHEQ documentation relating to technical matters is checked and properly maintained
- Appraisal of Masters and Chief Engineers are completed Annually required by SMS;
- Take care of any other task(s) which are in the natural responsibility of a Technical Superintendent

The Technical Superintendent is responsible to deal with the classification society as required .
The Technical Superintendent shall have to report to the DPA and the Head of Technical Department any known on-board situation posing any hazard to the crew, the vessel and the environment.

Company profile and minimum skill requirements:
- Licensed Chief Engineer with at least five years of service as Senior Officer on board Tankers (chemical and/or oil and/or LPG) or with at least three 3 years of experience as Technical / Safety Superintendent of an equivalent Shipping Company, or Naval Architect with at least 3 years of service in a shipping company or similar experience (i.e. Shipyard’s Surveyor; Class Inspector, Technical Superintendent) in shipbuilding process, engaged in engineering project, or relevant expertise which can be demonstrated from his CV upon acceptance by Management
- Fluent in written and spoken English.
- Knowledge of Planned Maintenance Systems and most common computer software.
- Adequate knowledge of rules/requirements governing the Shipping Industry and particular all Technical aspects.

NOTE: Only candidates eligible to work and live in the EU will be considered for this role.

Required Languages:

  • English-Fluent
  • Dutch-Fluent

Job Category:

  • Other

Job Location:

  • Rotterdam - U.S.A.

Post Date:

  • 07/08/2018

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