Group credit manager


Job Description:

In addition to credit management this role is also responsible for collateral reporting to our clients' lending banks and for managing the trade finance process.

  • Responsible for managing and quantifying our clients credit risk
  • Responsible for embedding quantified credit risk management into Álients' commercial processes
  • Owner of our clients'  credit risk management policy
  • Owner of clients' credit risk management system and reporting
  • Leader of Group and regional credit committees
  • Responsible for clients' credit support tools, including credit insurance
  • Responsible for managing external relationships to achieve the best commercial outcome for our client (such as credit insurance providers, late paying customers or managing default situations)
  • Responsibility for our clients'collateral reporting
  • Responsibility for our clients' trade finance activities
  • Responsibility for a team of 5 people

Required Languages:

  • English-Fluent
  • Dutch-Fluent
  • German-Fluent

Job Category:

  • Other

Job Location:

  • Rotterdam - U.S.A.

Post Date:

  • 22/05/2018

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