Senior Project Manager Construction


Job Description:

Involved as from the initiation of each project to setup the construction program in co-operation with the development department, the construction manager, the pricing manager and various departments within the company. Total responsibility each assigned project is designed to be realized within planning, budget and quality.

• Translates all internal and external demands into a construction design that fits quality demands, budget and timeframes. Let’s prepare / prepares this design into work descriptions and details in close co-operation with the construction manager and pricing manager,
• Inventories the current status of the real estate in co-operation with the maintenance department and implements the findings into the program.
• Selects and steers advisors to setup the whole program.
• Day to day management of parties involved in the design as to have all work descriptions, drawings, contracts, permits, orders etcetera in place to enter the construction phase.
• Responsible all regulations are observed, s.a. safety, security, etc.
• Let’s work out or works out detailed information that inform contractors and suppliers in tenders.
• Together with the Construction Manager and the Purchasing department tenders respective parts of the construction works.
• Leads general construction meetings with parties involved.
• Regularly reports to the Director Construction and the development department on planning, budget and quality.


Required Languages:

  • English-Fluent
  • Dutch-Fluent

Job Category:

  • Other

Job Location:

  • Rotterdam - U.S.A.

Post Date:

  • 29/01/2018

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