Solution Architect - MeteoGroup


Job Description:

  • As Solution Architect within MeteoGroup's Delivery Management Team your role is key in translating customer requirements into technical solutions by leveraging MeteoGroup's application foundation and data API's
  • Your work is embedded into the interdisciplinary Delivery Management team combining meteorological, business, engineering and delivery competencies
  • You bring together our Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Product Marketing Directors and Service Delivery Managers
  • You deliver a high quality, creative and insightful technology advice to ensure that all stakeholder make aligned and informed decisions
  • You work closely with our engineering teams to design and deliver in an agile environment
  • Your non-disciplinary leadership competencies help you in steering 3rd party teams to deliver a cost effective and maintainable solution in time
  • Externally you are in contact with our customers in Europe
  • You use your tech background to provide information and advice to MeteoGroupís customers about our solutions; the non-functional requirements and system-to-system integration options
  • Your experience in system design and associated effort estimations is highly appreciated within the process of offer creation.

Required Languages:

  • English-Fluent

Job Category:

  • Other

Job Location:

  • Wageningen / Utrecht - Netherlands

Post Date:

  • 03/12/2017

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