About Us

What we do

We share career opportunities for multilingual professionals.

Why we do this

Our dream is to help one million multilingual professionals to find the job of their dreams.

Our goal

We want to share ALL multilingual jobs out there on this website.

Our office rules

  1. Everything you do, do it with your clients best interest in mind.
  2. Jobseekers are our most important clients, they are not 'traffic' they are unique persons.
  3. We do everything to give them a better experience then expected.
  4. Create constant and never ending improvement, one little step at a day.
  5. Take complaints serious; they are advice to take for improvement.
  6. Be honest and trustworthy; Promise what you're going to do, and do what your promise.
  7. Every day you work is potentially the best day ever; make it fucking count!
  8. Be sharp, do what you do with passion and 100% effort and get things done.
  9. Don't ask how we can make them understand us, ask how we can understand them.
  10. Clients are the reason of our existence, treat EVERY client the way you like to be treated yourself.

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